This year’s challenge

In 2006 I read “The Luxury of Time” by Jane and Mike Tomlinson. The impact their story had on my life continues on a daily basis. Every day. Jane, Mike – and in fact the whole family – were, and are, so inspiring to me. What she achieved was phenomenal. If you haven’t read the book I recommend it to you. Just watch out for what it may do to you!

In September 2007 Jane died and a month later I found out I had a place in the London Marathon. If there was ever a moment in my life when I knew without any doubt what I wanted to do, it was that moment. I’d never done any big challenge at this point. I was fit and played badminton competitively, but nothing on this scale. I contacted the Jane Tomlinson Appeal and told them I wanted to raise money for them. All monies raised they grant to children’s and cancer charities, but also I wanted to contribute to keeping her incredible legacy alive. I received my t-shirt and was proud to wear her name. And it was then my relationship with the Appeal Team began, in those days almost entirely with Siobhan who did so much in terms of encouraging and supporting me.

April 2008, ten years ago, I ran the London Marathon. I’d be lying if I said I enjoyed the experience but it was a real achievement and showed me that I could set myself a challenge and achieve it.

Through the generous support of so many friends, family and friends of friends (and a couple of strangers) I raised £5,001.40 – a figure I’ve never got near since. And that kickstarted a ten year focus of annual challenges to continue this fundraising, giving structure and focus and purpose to me along the way.

Which brings me to this year’s challenge. This year my challenge is to hit £30,000 raised in total for the Jane Tomlinson Appeal over those ten years.

I can only do this with your support. And to try and make it worth your donations I am going back to where it began and on Sunday 22 April I will be running the London Marathon again.

You can, and I would be very pleased if you would, sponsor me in this endeavour on my justgiving page: