Review of my 2017 goals

I have a separate page on this blog for my Goals. This helps me keep focused on them and let’s me have a fixed point to review at the end of the year. Then after reviewing them I can update them as necessary.

The first goal every year is to complete my fundraising challenge, which I have done. The others I will take in the order I shared them.

Professionally I want to establish myself as Centre Manager of Exeter Library and as a result have people see us as a major cultural partner in the City.  I’ll measure this by more people coming to us to host their events or joint bids and that those not directly involved with the library talk about us to others at a City level.

I am not there yet. I mean I’m a year longer in post but I don’t feel that I’m achieving a fraction of what I want to professionally. I have been keeping a steady ship, which at times has been hard enough in itself, but I want to do so much more. If I can.  There have been glimpses of doing more such as establishing a relationship with Exeter’s Death Cafe. But not enough.

This goal will remain for 2018.


Personally I want to blog once a month.  I really love writing so I want to see what happens if I do a blog post every month. Sometimes about me, sometimes observation, but always something.  Measuring success on this goal is obvious.

I blogged sixteen times during the year (plus two about my running/fundraising challenge) so whilst I didn’t always stick to the routine of once a month the volume is there. Almost all are about my cancer. I wonder if I have things of interest to say in other topics. I was also pleased to start sharing run routes on the Exploring Exeter website and just in December I’ve started (as the manager of Exeter Library) writing a very very short piece about the library for each edition of Exeter Living. Links to these are on my Articles page.

This goal is completed.


Physically I want to be involved in setting up a Good Gym in Exeter.  They are groups of runners across the country that combine running and good deeds.  Even if that is “just” running to an isolated member of the community, having a cup of tea, and then running back.  If there’s a Good Gym in Exeter at the end of 2017 I’ll have succeeded.

There isn’t. I haven’t. There were initial conversations with other local runners and “HQ” but it didn’t come to anything. And I failed to keep pushing.

This goal will remain for 2018.


Financially I want to, by the end of the year, be donating monthly 10% of my income to charity.  I currently am at 0.01% on my direct debits so there’s a way to go.  This one is easy to measure success in too.

Nope, didn’t manage this either. I’ve probably slightly increased my overall amount donated to charity in this year (through sponsorship of friends etc).  I have also got donated to “an experiment in giving” which in its eary stages seems to be supporting real change. You can read about that here.

This goal will remain for 2018.


Politically I want to do all I can to improve equality for all.  I think this’ll be at all kinds of levels such as approaches at work (operationally and strategically), involvement in groups (community / support, pressure and as a member of the Women’s Equality Party), and just getting out there.  Hard to put a measurement in place with this one as I will inevitably be a very small cog.  I guess we’ll have to accept a gut feeling analysis at the end of the year.

I didn’t do enough but made a handful of small challenges / changes in my workplace, no more than I should expect as someone employed within public service. So must do more.

This goal will remain for 2018.


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